Bosch Siemens circuitboards, no functions or intermitting operation.

Quickservice, circuitboard repair with 1 year warranty.
Support after repair on our forum and by email.

Please send an email before sending a repair to us: service @ (remove spaces from emailadress) .

If you have a Siemens or Bosch dryer or washingmachine with the following partnumbers WTE86302,  WTE86305, WTE84103, WTE84104, WTE84170, WTE84383, WT44W362, WT46E304, WT48Y700, 79.056.110-30, 79.056.164-30, T20-E, 9000152913, 5560011646, epw65872, ews-18-08-11-N-19, melecs, 55600000008414, there could be numbers, than repair is wel possible. Look at picture below, please ask if your circuitboard is not on this page..

TAKE CARE!, remove mains from your machine, take pictures of wiring.

*** Don't lose rubbery-activators between frontpanel and circuitboard ***.



bo 700

Diagnoses first?, It's free!:

Due to demands of our customers we have a free diagnose for your circuitboard. We repair 99% of the circuitboards above which are doing totally nothing due to a powersupply-problem. If you send it in there are 3 options:

  1.  It's repairable, you send the money by banktransfer.
  2.  It's not repairable (<1%) and deside to let me bring it to the recyclecentre at no cost.
  3.  It's not repairable (<1%) and want it back and pay the post and packagecost to your country.


This circuitboard is known that he spontaneously stops, doing nothing anymore or is intermitted working.

If there are no trace for incompetent repairs or damage due to lightning on the circuitboard we will repair the circuitboard package. Because we have done many units we wil give you a 1 YEAR warranty on the power-supply part of the circuitboard. A seal is put on the circuitboard so that you and we can see when it is repaired by SmallRepairs.

SmallRepairs is over 30 years in bussiness with component-level repairs. Each circuitboard is tested so that the power-supply is functioning at dispatch!

Shipping and Payment: 

You send the circuit board to SmallRepairs, P.H. Princen, Pater Damiaanstraat 9 in 4664 BL LEPELSTRAAT, The Netherlands, bankaccount Rabobank NL31RABO0145659062, BIC: RABONL2U. Costs all-inclusive for België, Danmark, Deutschsland, France, Italië, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom(*) and Sweden € 69.00 including p&p, track and trace and insurance. Remark for banktransfer: put your name and adress on it please. It could be that you have to pay local taxes outsite the EU. Other country's are paying the pricedifference of the PostNL costs.

* For repairs returned before 31-12-2020 this price is right, as soon as The UK is out of the EU the price can be higher and you probably have to pay your local taxes. As soon as the new prices are available we correct this on this page.


Pater Damiaanstraat 9
4664 BL Lepelstraat
The Netherlands.
  1. Take the watertank out of the machine
  2. Remove 3 torx
  3. Remove 1 torx at the right side of the operatingpanel
  4. Remove 2 torx at the back of the top and remove the top by sliding it of
  5. Pull the operatinpanel towards you, take pictures of connectors and remove the connectors.
  6. *** Don't lose rubbery-activators between frontpanel and circuitboard *** !

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