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QUICK SERVICE, repairs returned at last the next workingday, with support and warranty.

For B2B and consumers! For single circuitboard repairs or complete pallets.

Send an email by the contact form or send it with the repair, then we inform you about the repair-status.


Repairs that are not on this website can often be performed. Just ask!

Self-repairing OK, but safe !:

Even though it is recommended in various forum's to replace original parts with stronger ones, don't do it, it your safety. Your clothes dryer is one of the devices in the home that require proper maintenance. The firebrigades in The Netherlands recommend not to let it working when you go to bed or are out. Also it's recommended to place a fire/smoke-detector in the room where the dryer is placed. We also commit maintenance to the circuitboard during repair.

Free check!:
For several circuitboards we have a free check service. You can read it on the webpage if this service is available and the conditions for it.


If there is no DIY-damage to the circuit board and/or there is no damage due to lightning we repair your circuitboard. All repairs are with 6 months warranty on the repaired circuit, month of repairs can be checked bij the seal on the board with the month / year code. Smallrepairs repairs for over 30 years at component level.


For standard repairs as mentioned on the website the repair times are very short. For other repairs may be that parts need to be ordered. You will automatically receive a statusupdate by email, when the circuitboard has arrived, if parts are ordered and when they are expected, when the repair is sent etc. For the standard repairs components are well stocked!


We regularly get boards in airbubble envelopes. We ask you not to do this, the first printed circuit boards which are broken during shipment have already been received and therefore irreparable.

How to package?

We recommend to wrap it in an antistatic bag or aluminium householdfoil to protect the circuitboard against stitic charges and then in a sturdy box. The box minimal padding on all sides of the circuitboard 2 inch with bubble plastic or chips.

Alternative make slightly crumpled papers, fill the bottom with this and place the PCB in the box and fill it further with light crumpled paper. The slightly crumpled pieces of newspaper work as a damper against forces to the board during shipment.

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Princen Vriens v.o.f, SmallRepairs is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 20157353.

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